Milk Matters Independent Baby Clinic

Milk Matters are very excited to  announce the launch of the North’s first independent baby clinic.  Our specialist areas include:

  • Feeding problems, whether breast or bottle, including painful feeding, frequent or long feeds, slipping off breast or bottle teat, excessive sucking need, milk supply issues
  • Reflux
  • Colic
  • Wind/Unsettled infant(s)
  • Slow weight gain
  • Tongue Tie/ Ankyloglossia
  • Babies who are hyper-alert or struggle to switch off
  • Babies with very frequent disturbed sleep
  • Multiples
  • Prematurity

The clinic will run at The Good Health Centre Leeds and is unique in that we focus on why something is happening rather than just medicating the symptoms. We take a full history and we listen – piecing together everything that has happened from pregnancy to our appointment, and allowing parents to share everything in  a non judgmental space. We can help parents understand what their baby is trying to communicate and assess the baby’s feeding skills – if baby’s suck is disorganised a whole host of problems can follow. Alongside addressing the root of the problem, we support parents with practical help, for example identifying why certain holding or feeding positions

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may be more uncomfortable and showing what can be done to help.

Milk also work alongside various other specialists as and when a case requires. They are chosen for their passion and skill in their field and show proven results. Look out for our “spotlight on” web profiles to introduce them to you. The clinic launches officially on Tuesday 11th October (please see press release below) and you can book an appointment either via the helpline number above or via our contact form here. Press Release: Click Here To View


Initial clinic consultation – £50.  Home visits also available at £50 + mileage, please contact us for details.


Not just a “typical reflux baby,”

Baby’s name:                          Louis Mum’s name:                          Lucie Baby’s age when treated:       7 months Lucie Biddle , 32, from Liversedge, West Yorkshire, turned to Milk Matters when her son, Louis, was seven months old.  Louis was restless from the start, sleeping little, feeding often and wriggling, squirming and crying while he fed. He was also sick after most feeds – to the extent that Lucie took to covering them both with a bath towel to save changing and washing clothes constantly.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

A mum and dad’s story

Baby’s name:                          Louis Mum’s name:                          Kate Dad’s name:                            Solo Baby’s age when treated:       5 days Kate and Solo Chandan, from Rounday inLeeds, turned to Milk Matters after their first child, Louis, lost 13% of his birth weight in the first few days.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

“Nobody would help us but Milk,”

Baby’s name:                                     Holly Mum’s name:                                    Olivia Baby’s age when treated:            8 weeks Olivia Brabbs (36) from Leeds contacted Milk Matters when her first baby, Holly, wasn’t gaining any weight and she had severe pain with every feed.   CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

I went from bottle feeding back to breast feeding with Milk Matters

Baby’s name:                          Ruby Mum’s name:                          Lauren Baby’s age when treated:       From 5 weeks Lauren (29) is from Sheffield and Ruby is her only child. She contacted Milk Matters when Ruby was just five weeks old after a succession of health professionals had fobbed her off. One doctor even laughed at her and said she’d wasted his time… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE