With over 15 years experience, we specialise in all areas of infant feeding and related issues. We focus on why something is happening rather than just medicating the symptoms. We take a full history and we listen – piecing together everything that has happened from pregnancy to our appointment,  allowing you to share everything in  a non judgmental space.

We can help you understand what your baby is trying to communicate and by addressing the root cause of the problem, offer practical help to resolve your issues.

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We’ve simplified our booking system. Any appointment can cover all your problems. Including but not limited to:

Painful feeding
Frequent or long feeds, slipping, clicking,
Milk supply concerns
CMPA & Allergies
Slow weight gain 
Reflux, wind or colic
Excessive crying
Sleep concerns
Starting or stopping breast or bottle feeding
Tongue tie assessment

A combination of distance and in person enables us to provide rapid response, effective, holistic (looking at the whole picture) care. It enables us to observe more than one feed, sleep etc. If you suspect or have a tongue tie, we assess if baby is frenulotomy ready. Click for full details and to secure your slot.
Perhaps you suspect or know your baby has a tongue tie, but want to ensure they’re frenulotomy ready and there’s nothing else underlying that may hinder the success of the treatment. This option covers both the holistic infant feeding consultation or the Leeds baby clinic assessment, plus treatment.

If you’re local to West Yorkshire you can attend our fussy baby clinic in Huddersfield. We take a pre-appointment questionnaire and the session includes a follow up chat. For full details and to secure your slot please click above. If you suspect or have a tongue tie, we assess if baby is frenulotomy ready.

We work alongside CQC registered practitioners to provide tongue tie treatment at our Huddersfield dental studio based clinic. If you have a tie pre-diagnosed elsewhere please select this option. If you’ve had an assessment with us, please message us for your discounted treatment link.

Out of area or abroad?
Our unique approach to distance services means we can help with feeding problems, reflux, sleep concerns and almost anything else you can think of. If you suspect or have a tongue tie, we assess if baby is frenulotomy ready
Wound healing checks, pre-booked and payable distance and in person follow up support.
Prefer to be seen in the comfort of your own home?
We cover lots of West Yorkshire and Lancashire and Charlie IBCLC can cover all types of problems or concerns. If you suspect or have a tongue tie, we can also assess if baby is frenulotomy ready.
Antenatal Services

Our antenatal sessions are a chance to ask parenting blogger and author Charlotte Young (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) aka the Analytical Armadillo,  everything you want to know.  Whether you plan to exclusively breastfeed, combi-feed or formula feed, we can discuss practicalities, pros and cons, avoiding common problems and developing a natural, sustainable rhythm to your days.