Protected: Is a disorganised suck the cause of your baby’s reflux, colic or wind?

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The hidden cause of feeding problems (however you feed your baby)

It’s not always obvious, the tongue can look ENTIRELY normal to the untrained eye… Sometimes it’s pulled into a heart shape or the attachment may be visible on the tip of the tongue, but this is just one type;

Foremilk/Hindmilk and a lot of confusion!

Thought I would share a really popular article from my personal blog.

Something that comes up a lot is the question of foremilk, hindmilk and how to ensure baby gets not too much of the first and enough of …

Infant Formula – What IS The Magic More?

My baby needed more than just breastmilk.

Breastmilk wasn’t filling him so we had to give formula

Baby was big/hungry and not satisfied on breastmilk alone, big babies sometimes need more than exclusive breastfeeding.

My baby isn’t getting what she

Breastfeeding & Tooth Decay

A question often asked is does breastfeeding, particularly nightfeeds affect teeth?  There is often a lot of confusion around this area with many health professionals recommending night weaning once the child has teeth.  Given some get teeth as early as

Revolutionary Feeding Method – Tru-Breast

Revolutionary Feeding Method – Tru-Breast™

Taking the parenting world by storm and you can see why!

If you don’t want to waste time sterilising bottles, are too tired to be getting up during the night to make feeds to order,

Mixing bottle and breast – it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Several mums I’ve spoken to recently have mentioned it’s hard to find good information about mix-feeding.  Often breastfeeding websites don’t discuss it as they promote exclusive breastfeeding and the reasons for doing so.  Similarly some mums are nervous about asking …

Who’s Helping You?

Parents may well assume that all health workers giving advice on breastfeeding know what they are talking about; sadly this is simply not so. Mums are often left confused and unsure after receiving conflicting advice from a number of sources …