Dr Brian Palmer DDS

Many years ago, I made a personal commitment to myself to do “something” to help make the world a better place in some small way.  For many years I did not know what that “something” would be.  I now feel this site fulfills that obligation.   

Things on this site are not as perfect as I would like them to be, but if I waited until everything was perfect, this site would never get started.  If time and funding permit, I will continue to upgrade and perfect the site.  

I have been studying and evaluating teeth, gums, tongues and throats for 34 years.  This website has 25+ years of self funded research in a private dental practice setting.  I began my research when a young lady presented as a new patient 28 years ago.  She had a bilateral (both sides), posterior (back) tongue thrust that had caused a posterior open bite relationship I had never seen before.  That patient is still in my practice today.  She has been a “control” for 28 years.  I have several other “controls” in my practice as well, and since I am now treating children of former children, I have had an opportunity to observe various changes over time on the same patients.   

The key purpose of this site is to share my observations with you.  My goal is to help educate others on how to prevent many medical and dental problems from developing by addressing basic issues not generally taught in medical or dental schools.  Billions of dollars could be saved yearly by just preventing unhealthy habits.  This site discusses many of those unhealthy habits.   

I have done the best that I can – it is now up to others to carry on this research