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One of the biggest influencing factors in whether a baby is breastfed and for how long, is the support of dad or the significant other supporting parent.

Unfortunately, most antenatal classes only focus on one parent – mum, yet for families with two parents; this leaves one totally in the dark, reliant upon information relayed second hand.  Even those that do include two partners, tend to only focus on birth and the immediate few hours postpartum.

Many parents are sold the notion that “good” partners get up in the night to give a bottle – sharing the feeding is what good dads do!  but when we look at how breastfeeding can impact so significantly; isn’t the reality that “good” dads support both mum AND baby to facilitate breastfeeding?

So, although mums have the breasts – we believe partners do have a very important role to play.

We highlight how many common tips undermine breastfeeding.  We deliver hard facts about how you can tell whether things are going well and whether your baby is obtaining sufficient milk and we outline things you CAN do to really help gets things off to the best start for everyone.

Many highlight the benefits of breastfeeding to baby or to mum; we discuss how having a breastfed baby, also benefits dads and partners!

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* We deliver sessions for same sex couples or other unique family circumstances upon request.