Charlotte Young, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)


Milk Matters Clinic in Huddersfield is ran by Charlotte Young International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) alongside resident Frenulotomy Practitioner Simon Prideaux. Charlotte’s specialism in infant feeding issues from reflux to tongue tie has been a constant source of support for new parents for over a decade.

Charlotte has a passion for research and non-judgmental evidence based practice. Charlotte has over a decade of experiencing working as an IBCLC in private practice, supporting both breast and formula feeding mothers with feeding problems from her base in West Yorkshire. Her unique style of working alongside other highly trained specialists to provide a total service that includes tongue tie treatment, has resulted in an international following –  with parents flying in for consultations from as far away as Norway, Turkey and the Arab Emirates.
Alongside over 15 years of analysing research about babies and young children, Charlotte, an invited speaker and author, continues to also work in a voluntary capacity online, alongside writing the award winning blog and social media page the Analytical Armadillo .

Note from Charlotte:

I’m passionate about a holistic approach to infant feeding and parenting, ie exploring how each area impacts on another;  searching to address the cause not the symptom.  I feel many health systems fail to link intricate systems and processes, and thus do not recognise that a problem in one area can cause a symptom elsewhere – treating the latter will not resolve the cause. They also often fail to understand the significance of emotional and mental support alongside practical help for families who experience problems; the profound impact that the quality of care can have and underestimate the strength of maternal emotion.  Many mothers use words such as “guilt” when describing problems involving their infant – processing feelings at this time is as significant as the hands on help.

I have a particular interest in the tongue and oral cavity and how pregnancy, birth and genetic variations such as Ankyloglossia (tongue tie) and palate variations can impact significantly on infant feeding (however baby is fed!) and many other areas of infant health – from feeding, to reflux, solids and sleep!

This also in terms of the big picture, encompasses gut health and how this can impact on breastmilk, baby and the health of both mum and baby – and so includes food allergies/intolerances, candida and antibiotic use, colic/reflux to name just a few; all are intricately linked with feeding and infant health, from minor infections to more severe conditions.

My other specialist areas are faltering growth, starting solids, prematurity , biological norms and psychological development. I’m passionate about promoting evidence based care for our most vulnerable members of society.  Currently many systems in place within the UK, do not reflect best practice as evidence suggests – as parts of Australia clearly demonstrate.

Charlotte Young IBCLC