Thought I would update you on P’s progress 🙂
Its been a week since she had the tongue tie looked at, also she has been seeing the osteopath after your recommendation  and the improvement is amazing!
Took a few days for her to get used to the new movements she could make with her tongue but she was feeding straight away after the procedure and instantly easier to wind! She is now almost there with a fully functioning tongue, she is able to poke it out and lift it to the roof of her mouth, and she is now able to cry properly (though we didn’t realise this til she screamed for her feed and she has never been able to make that sound before, used to just make a meow sound! And wow she has a set of lungs on her!!)
Now a week on its only taking 15-20 mins to feed, wind, change and get her back to sleep rather than the 1:30-2 hours it was taking! She will go into a deep sleep and not cat nap like she was. She is no longer in horrific pain with trapped wind (up top and below!) and we are no longer using colic drops! The tongue tremor has almost stopped, just the odd little tremor towards the very end of her bottle, or when she has been sucking on the dummy (though shes hardly needing that now too!) For the first time, on today’s feed the teat on the bottle wasn’t all deformed with her sucking so hard. Also there hasn’t been projectile vomiting, just the odd spit up with a burp! My carpet and sofa are very happy they aren’t being covered in baby sick anymore. And obviously P is so happy she can keep her food down!
The osteopath is amazing, within the first hour of having her home she was sleeping, in fact she never stopped sleeping for the first few days, catching up on some much needed snooze! We went again on Thursday and our little girl can now turn her head to left and to the right, she loves following us by turning her head now she can! The umpteen hiccups she was having has now stopped (only had 3 in the last week, was having at least 5 sets a day before) and she is now able to sleep on her back! They offered to recommend us a osteopath near to home but we are so impressed we would much rather travel to see them.
I now have time to potter around and do the house work, and take her out places without her screaming in agony, and most importantly we are both getting sleep and have a much happier baby! In fact she is now playing with her toys – I will try and send you a video so you can see the improvement. We really can’t thank you and the practice enough, we knew something was up with P but not sure what and the health visitor and Dr just said “that’s what babies are like, takes time to get used to your first baby” you took a few moments and could confirm the tongue tie, and also noticed the lip tie and the muscle tension issues she had (we are still amazed you could tell just by holding her that she was back to back and turned during labour!)
Definitely when we have another baby, if I have any problems breast feeding or expressing I wont just take the midwives/health visitors word about her being dopey from the drugs in labour and that’s why she couldn’t latch on and I won’t give up if I don’t get help with breast feeding / expressing (if needed) .
So thank you, I know i wasn’t breast feeding by the time i contacted you so we are truly thankful that you saw us and where able to help so much and so quickly!
Chery and content P xxx
Ps STILL awaiting the NHS tongue tie referral appointment to come through!!