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Infant Feeding Assessment, now runs weekly at: wellfield

The Wellfield House Clinic, 
33 New Hey Road, 
West Yorkshire, 

A general feeding assessment to explore problems such as persistent pain, slow weight gain, wind/colic and reflux, clicking, slipping, slow or very rapid feeding, feed leaking, falling asleep during feeds and prematurity (this list isn’t exhaustive, please call for further details)

What to expect:
Upon arrival we ask you to complete our paperwork (this takes around ten minutes).  Our forms ask for a history of pregnancy, labour & delivery, what symptoms you’re experiencing and what you’re looking to achieve from your session.

We then have a chat and ask you to feed baby.  If appropriate we may obtain consent to perform an oral assessment.  This can help to establish what baby is doing with their mouth, lips and tongue during a feed, as well as further ruling out conditions such as tongue tie.

Appointment required: Yes

Duration: 45 minutes

Cost: £105

Bodywork – osteopath/chiropractor:  We work closely with several paediatric osteopaths, one of which is situated very close to our practice.  If you would like to book a session alongside your assessment/treatment, please contact us for details.

For further information please Contact Us