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As Mrs Abbas is a registered Healthcare professional and CQC certified, we already had strict infection protocols and procedure in place, prior to the recent Coronavirus outbreak.

We are also lucky in that we have a large building with only a few people present at the weekend, enabling us to easily implement a number of additional steps to remove the interaction between other patients and visitors. This guidance is likely to be updated as the situation progresses in the UK, so please check prior to subsequent appointments:

  1.  We normally welcome siblings, grandparents or additional family members to your appointment. Currently we ask that only parents or guardians and baby or babies being assessed attend for your slot. Toys, magazines and leaflets will be removed from the waiting area until further notice, however there is a very large park and numerous cafes nearby; if you’d like any further suggestions or have questions about local amenities, please contact us.
  2. When attending for your first appointment (assessment or assessment & treatment), we ask that you arrive at reception 10 minutes prior to your allotted appointment time to complete intake forms. If you are very early, please contact us – if our practitioner or waiting room is ready you are welcome to attend sooner,  however we may ask that you wait in your car a few moments or if preferred visit a local cafe or suchlike depending upon the expected wait time, number of people in the building and the need to maintain safe distances.
  3. Our receptionist may direct you to a specific place to wait and will step back two paces before speaking with you, please do not take this personally 😉
  4. Whereas we normally serve both hot and cold beverages, please bring a bottled drink with you where possible.
  5. When attending for a 5 minute post treatment or “diamond check, we ask that you arrive at reception no sooner than 2/3 minutes prior to your appointment.
  6. Please ensure you wash your hands, or use hand sanitising gel on entry to the building and again prior to leaving.
  7. We normally welcome people lingering in our waiting areas to chat to other parents, sometimes eat lunch or finish their coffee. We ask that following your appointment you leave the building as promptly as possible.

Please contact us if you have any concerns, queries or difficulty with the above (for example if you’re travelling by train) and we can make alternative arrangements in advance.