What Parents Say?

Feedback About Milk Matters.

Rose: We just wanted to say thank you so much for helping us and fixing our son’s tongue tie.  Since we saw you Michael not only eats more efficiently but – for the first time he is gaining weight!  1 pound every 2 weeks or 220-250 grams a week.  Thank you!!! I’m still hypersensitive when people comment on his size, but luckily that isn’t a comment we hear anymore!  I can’t thank you enough.  Rose

Further update: We weighed Michael today and he went from the second percentile (!) to the fiftieth (where he was at birth) in the 12 weeks since we saw you 🙂  Thank you so much.

Katy: I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you for all your help with me and Imogen. I am so happy to say that we are back to exclusive breast feeding which is just unbelievable, 5 weeks ago I actually thought that this would be impossible. As you know frenulotomy wasn’t the instant fix it is for some, but with your help, and that of the osteopath, we’ve finally got there. Feeding.  Thank you so muchSally:  Hello! Just wanted to give you a quick update. You saw my husband and I and our daughter Lucy 4 weeks ago tomorrow. She was diagnosed with a posterior tongue tie and had it snipped. We are now still happily breastfeeding and it is pain free. Woo hoo!  Thanks so much for the service you provide and for squeezing us in when you did. If we hadn’t come to see you when we did I’m in no doubt that Lucy would have been on formula by now.
The Woods family: On Saturday we came to you, emotional, tired and stressed with baby Dougie. He had 100% tongue tie and had lost over 10% of his birth weight.  Today, 48 hours later, we all all happier more relaxed, Dougie is feeding very well, and has gained 11oz!!!  Thank you so much, for your calm, caring service. We were not just a number, rushed in and out, you listened, advised and helped so much.  We can not thank you enough.

Stacy: Hi, I don’t know if you will remember me but I came to see you with feeding problems when my daughter was about 2 months old. After following your advice we are still going strong with bfing at 10 months 🙂 haven’t needed to supplement at all. When I came to see you I didn’t think we were going to last the week, so I’m so happy and proud of how far we have come. So a big thank you from me and Amelia! X

Cara: Hi Charlie, just wanted to tell you I have a different baby post tongue tie snip!  Not only no pain for me, but also his reflux is totally under control and he has gained nearly a lb a week since and gone back up the weight chart my little chubber.  Thank you so much for your help and keeping us bfing x

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Dr S Taylor:  A fantastic service! I had struggled to breastfeed my twins for 6 weeks with well meaning but poor quality help from my local volunteer breastfeeding support services.  Neither baby was happy or gaining weight well and I had recurrent painful blocked ducts which further reduced my supply. In desperation despite being determined to breast feed I had resorted to several formula top ups daily.  Since our session feeding has improved significantly and I have reduced the volume of formula they are taking. They are also much happier babies.

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When Lauren contacted us,  feeding and her breasts were so sore that she could only bear to put her 6 week old daughter to the breast every few days.  Baby was receiving a mix of breastmilk and formula via bottle: “Charlotte is a lovely lady and I felt at ease with her immediately, she couldn’t have been more understanding and alongside a detailed plan of action was always available to offer support and advice.    Without Charlotte’s help I would have stopped breastfeeding so I feel anyone else in the same situation as me would need her help 100%, Milk Matters is the only reason I am still breastfeeding (exclusively!) 15 weeks on.  Breastfeeding is the only way I wanted to feed my baby so thank you so much for your help Charlotte, you’re a star!”

Barbara: I would like thank Milk Matters wholeheartedly for the help that Charlotte gave me establishing breastfeeding.  She is extremely knowledgeable and recognised that despite what I was being told, my daughter was not latched on well or transferring milk effectively.  I had been told by hospital infant feeding advisors that her tongue tie was too small to impact and that my daughter was feeding well, but was struggling because she was small and to supplement with formula.

In contrast Charlotte suggested there were indicators of a significant tongue restriction and immediately referred me to a different Infant Feeding Specialist who confirmed a 90% restrictive tie with very little milk transfer when feeding.  We were advised to have the frenulum snipped which we did, and we then embarked on a feeding program which involved ensuring that my daughter had adequate nutrition from expressed breast milk whilst establishing breast feeding.  I received an information plan from Charlotte which was extremely detailed and gave me some reassuring guidance during a very emotional time.  Without the visit from Milk and the subsequent referrals that were made, I am absolutely sure that I would not be breastfeeding my daughter.  The problems that I had establishing breastfeeding with her were identical to that of my son (who we later discovered is also tongue tied).  However, I only had the support of some rather inadequate health professionals with my son and although I am a very determined person this resulted in my son being fed formula – something Milk Matters were very non-judgemental and supportive about.  I am now exclusively breastfeeding and I still can’t quite believe that I am a breastfeeding Mum!  Thank you so much for helping my daughter receive the best nutrition possible.  N continues to put on weight and has been exclusively breast fed for the last 6 weeks with no top ups.  She is now 3 months old and has never needed formula.

Lucie: Charlie was friendly, non judgemental and very knowledgeable.  For 8 months I have struggled with my son who was very unsettled, unhappy and basically a difficult feeder.  I can’t thank her enough and will recommend Milk Matters to anyone who may be struggling!  Read Lucie’s full story here.

Kate: It has been a long, difficult and intense process but with the support of  Charlotte we have come out the other side. Breast feeding is something I wanted to do, and Charlotte gave me the support and guidance and strength to carry on when faced with everyone suggesting the easy option of formula!!  Not only has Charlotte supported my breastfeeding requirements, she is always on hand evenings/weekends if I need her and also offers support on other things such as sleeping habits etc.  Something the NHS has never been able to do, it has made me feel let down by the service they provide as there is no support available.  Charlotte is extremely passionate about her work and I cannot thank her enough for the support she has provided us with.  Read Kate’s full breastfeeding journey here

Dominica: Charlotte put me at such ease with her warm, friendly and professional manner and it was the first time someone had actually listened to me.  My baby showed multiple signs of tongue tie and frenulotomy was arranged privately with Milk Matters. After his tongue was divided he was such a different baby that fed less and slept more. I regained my life back from doing 14 hour feeds.  I would definitely recommend Milk to a friend and feel I got good value for money;  Charlotte is a credit to Milk Matters and gives the support / advice that new mums should be getting (but aren’t) from the NHS.

Claire: I was struggling with breastfeeding when Charlie came round; my son Ethan was very newly born and struggling to latch on properly resulting in a 14% loss of his birth weight.   Charlie was super friendly and approachable, really easy to talk to and completely professional in her approach; she listened to everything we said and demonstrated to her and understood 100% what our problem was.  She stayed with us for almost 2 hours and the follow up emails and the information she sent after our meeting were great.  The care plan we received was amazingly detailed and covered everything we had discussed and our plan in detail; definitely great value for money!!!

Ethan is now a healthy 10 week old, exclusively breastfed on demand and steadily putting on 1oz a day!!! I am so grateful for the time Charlie spent with us, the reassurance and the follow ups. Thank you so much!!!

Olivia: I can’t say thank you enough for Charlotte’s expertise and support over the last few weeks.  I came across Milk Matters after a frantic web search, as since Holly’s birth I had been experiencing extreme nipple pain and feeding difficulties, with very slow or no weight gain.  I knew in my heart something wasn’t right but had been repeatedly fobbed off by health professionals who told me “I’ve seen worse” and “it’s always difficult in the early days”.  This was based on hurried assessments where a quick look at latch was undertaken but nothing else.

Charlotte undertook a thorough assessment at our home including a really good look at Holly’s mouth.  This flagged up a potential posterior tongue tie with bubble palette, which Charlotte confirmed fitted with the presentation of my nipple trauma, Holly’s poor weight gain and other indications.  I was in a complete state by this stage with every feed causing me to cry in agony due to the severity of nipple damage, and Charlotte quickly gave support with positioning and techniques suitable for our situation.

That’s when our great “battle” commenced as we were repeatedly told that there was no tongue tie or palate difference – there was a long list of professionals including our GP, Health Visitors, Hospital based lactation consultants, midwives and even the Tongue Tie clinic who turned us away.  In the background during our attempts to get the tongue tie recognized, Holly continued to plateau with her weight and despite my best efforts at pumping with a double hospital grade pump, we were forced to introduce formula top ups.  I found this very traumatic as I had been so determined to breast feed; however I had also developed bad infections in both nipples alongside thrush which added to the pain.

Charlotte acted as my support and advocate during this really difficult time, including providing advice and access to equipment and important contacts.  She kept fighting our corner and after speaking to experts around the country managed to locate a consultant who was visiting Leeds.  We managed to book an assessment and it was confirmed to be a posterior tongue tie and undertook the procedure to snip it there and then.  There was immediate difference in feeding comfort and although there is still some sensation during feeds it’s improving all the time as my nipples heal.  The trauma was so significant that it’s going to take time for the nipples to fully heal but I can see improvements daily.  The best thing is that we’ve now been formula free for 6 days as it’s evident that Holly is now feeding effectively and is satisfied after each feed.

I dread to think where we would be now if we hadn’t found Milk Matters.  I was so determined breastfeed but came close to giving up on several occasions due to the pain.  It was so frustrating that no other health professionals except Milk Matters were prepared to look at the cause of our feeding problems.  Thank you!

Olivia & Holly

Excerp from a recent email received – name changed at privacy request of mum:

I just wanted to thank you for your help. My baby daughter and I persisted with the breastfeeding and it has all worked out fine. I’m still breast feeding her now and she is 7 months old and the last few months have gone really well for us both.  I particularly want to thank you for spotting her high palate as none of the many other professionals we dealt with did!  I told the GP about her palate and she was referred to speech and language therapist who agreed it was slightly high and this made feeding more difficult for her.  Her palate has not affected her weaning (which she’s really enjoying!).

You were kind, understanding and knowledgable at a time when I was anxious and upset about problems with feeding my baby. Thank you for helping me do what was so important to me – to breastfeed my baby and give her the best start in life.

Celia’s Story

My baby girl was diagnosed with a Left-sided Congenital Diagphragmatic Hernia (L-CDH) when I was 21 weeks pregnant and our world felt like it had fallen apart. The outcome was very uncertain, and we were told she might not survive. Instead of being born at our local hospital like her sister was, her first 2 weeks were spent in Alder Heys Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, she was on a full tube ventilator, and required life-saving major surgery at 3 days old. during this time she was nourished by IV-lines, that’s nutrients directly into the bloodstream, and a special “long-line” carrying heavier nutrition. When this ‘Long Line’ failed and a siting of a replacement presented significant risk she was started on tiny amounts of breastmilk via nasogastric tube.

This approach, which in fact was preferred by the Alder Hey Paediatric team worked well, and at two weeks old exactly I was finally told I could start attempting to breastfeed her. Initially we struggled with latching issues. She would happily lick and latch on briefly, but then repeatedly slipped off, quickly becoming tired out and needing to stop. She became tired much faster than a “normal” term baby because, well, she has far less lung capacity, was recovering from a major operation, and her body needed to adapt to using the normal set of muscles to breathe once her diaphragm had been repaired. I was growing increasingly frustrated and although all the staff were incredibly supportive and keen to help, surprisingly, Alder Hey at this time had no specialist Lactation Consultant to call upon although I do not know the position now.

Then, on a Saturday, Charlotte arrived like a breeze of fresh air and positivity, which gave me such a boost! She was the most amazing help and with a tweak here, and a confidence boost there, a pep talk and latch demo with the muppet-doll later, my daughter was finally beautifully latched on and managed her first effective feed. It lasted a wonderful 10 mins. She was still on passive O2, her lungs were still weak, she was still recovering from her surgery, so everything had to be *Exactly Right* to enable her to feed, but we did it! I’ll never forget that moment, it was our turning point, the moment I first truly believed my daughter could actually be breastfed.

We had to continue with topping her up via her ng-tube for a further week whilst she gained the strength to take a full feed. But once I knew I could get her properly latched on, I finally felt that we could succeed and after all the months of uncertainty, hard work to express around the clock and tears of frustration and fear that had gone before, that really meant so, so much!

Because I was so well supported by Charlie in preparing to express for her from birth, I also managed to donate over 10 litres of surplus breastmilk to two special care units.

14months on:

Since my daughter began breastfeeding, she has literally gone from strength to strength! She’s amazed us all by developing into a strong and healthy looking child who shook off her last cold faster than her older sister! I didn’t even feel the need to take her to the GP. The paediatricians are all really pleased with her and If you saw her, you’d never guess that my happy, smiley baby had ever been in such a critical condition, had to fight so hard just to live, or had ever been fed in any other way than in my arms at my breast.

Throughout this traumatic time Charlie was a tremendous support to us and worked hard to ensure we had all the information and practical help we needed to succeed in starting and continuing to breastfeed our precious daughter. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to another mum or mum-to-be.