About Us

Milk Matters have supported hundreds of mothers and noticed the same preventable problems arising time and again. We see mums receiving ineffective support, sometimes information that is frankly plain wrong – and we are passionate about helping mothers to succeed.

We recognise some mums would prefer private one to one sessions at home, or indepth information before delivery in a comfortable environment. We also realise that because of financial constraints – there are not many volunteer breastfeeding support workers able to offer this level of service, and that NHS care is rather a postcode lottery.

All who work “on the ground” with mums are IBCLC certified lactation consultants – and work comfortably with both breastfeeding and non breastfeeding families.

Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) may be mothers who have trained as breastfeeding counsellors and served extensively as a counsellor or midwives/doctors who also have extensive experience supporting mothers – both must have undertaken further study, met the criteria to sit the IBCLC examination and passed it.  This has to be retaken every 10 years.

Many IBCLCs are employed in the field of clinical lactation, work in hospitals, providing training to others i.e. midwives and other supporters and breastfeeding preparation classes.

All telephone and email help will remain free of charge