Free Milk Matters breastfeeding antenatal session when you book a doula!

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Everday-Miracle birth and doula services, to offer a free Milk Matters antenatal session to every mum that books their full birth support package!  Lisa covers areas with a 1 hour drive from her home which is just off Junction 25 of the M62 in Brighouse, West Yorkshire – and so catches much of  Humberside, Manchester and Liverpool.

We’ve heard first hand from parents what a great doula Lisa is; knowledgeable, supportive, kind and compassionate were some of the words parents used to describe her.  One couple added they couldn’t have coped without her in the early weeks following the birth of their son, whilst another commented how relaxed and at ease they had felt in her company.   You can read more about Lisa here

In addition Everyday Miracle has a range of equipment you can loan FREE, it’s all included in the price of the package!  This includes a La Bassine Birth Pool with all equipment (Can be used for home births or to labour in comfort at home before moving to your preferred birthing place) valued at around £100,  a birth ball and an extensive range of books.   All subject to availability (great reason to get booked early!)

As there is an impressive body of evidence showing birthing with a doula significantly reduces likelihood of interventions, caesarean section and generally creates a more positive birth experience; we hope that alongside antenatal breastfeeding support, which has also been shown to increase rates of exclusively breastfeeding, plus Lisa’s postpartum doula support services (if required)   – partnership working will give parents all the information and tools they need to feel empowered throughout their journey, and help get early parenthood off to the best possible start.


  1. Let me begin by saying that it is dfuifcilt to respond to ANON because I do not know how many ANON exist. So if I conflate two anons, you know why.Whose buttons are being pushed? The person who is making personal, unsubstantiated attacks and denying reality. Pushy breastfeeding advocates are not Sasquatch: They actually exist. I have met them. So have other people who have posted their experiences. So it is you I am referring to in terms of getting buttons pushed. You deny reality when you say that these people we have met and talked to do not exist. And then you insult someone and speculate about their ability to breastfeed. Do you know Helen? Were you there? For the record, I cannot breast feed. Does that take away my right to contribute to the discussion?And who is trying to sell books? I have seen no ads for any books written by anyone on this blog. And we all know and accept that breastfeeding is a good thing! We know about antibodies, we know about colostrum. We know and we accept. What we do not accept are foolish claims about breastfeeding or anything else for that matter!We also criticize people who shame other people about things they either do not understand or are not a matter of importance. People will criticize Obama because he used cocaine. LOTS of us his age did. It is not important and we will criticize it. We are criticizing people who are bossy and shame women about how they choose or are able to mother. Tits for brains was an expression referring to people who are CONSUMED (pun intended) with breastfeeding. (I was going to write something about breasts on the brain but then people would think I was talking about men.)See, you totally missed the point of the original post. The post was NOT anti-breast feeding. It was against the shaming of mother’s because of their decisions about or ability to breastfeed. These are different issues. Why do you conflate them?Trey

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